For membership information please contact the membership co-ordinator:

Hayden Lloyd
Phone: (027) 805 6734

Please click here to signup online and let us know the Subscription  you require in the comments on the signup page.

Our preferred method of payment is online with your credit/debit card
If you would like to pay your membership fee using internet banking, our account number is:
Westpac bank: 03-0732-0068297-00
Please enter your surname and initials as the reference.


We offer the following membership options*:

Membership 2020 Subscriptions
Full Senior $345
Double (married or de facto couple) $600
Family $675
Junior 15 < 19 years $125
Junior < 15 years $85
Country $120
Visitor fee $10 per 45 min

* Please ask the membership co-ordinator for more information on membership options, including restrictions, terms and conditions.

Key tags (for doors and lights) cost an additional one off charge of $20

If you would like to pay your subscription monthly, payments via debit/credit card will be coming soon.

The membership year runs from 1 March to 28 February. If you are joining after 1 July then a discounted membership fee will apply. Please contact Hayden for more details.

Pay-to-Play Membership

The electronic entry/court system allows us to offer this category of membership that the club hopes will encourage more participants to enjoy the exciting game of squash. Instead of having to pay the full subscription to try squash you can pre-pay court time and take as long as you like to decide if squash is “your game”.

  • Court charge $10 per 45 minutes per person
  • Minimum “casual” court time that may be pre-paid is $60, which provides either:
    • 6 x 45 minute games if playing with another club member, OR
    • 3 x 45 minute game if playing with a non-member
  • Key tag purchase $20
  • Minimum initial “casual” cost, including key tag is $80

Short Term Membership

  • 3 months $110 plus key tag purchase
  • 6 months $200 plus key tag purchase