Junior Club Days for 2017 will be starting again soon. Please check back here later for details (and sign up for the juniors newsletter). Everyone is welcome at club days, including non-members wanting to try squash. We hope to see you there.

If you have any questions about juniors, please contact (Junior Convenor).

Junior fun day, March 2015

Junior fun day, March 2015


20150813_100841JI Poster 2016

Well its back for a second year….. So contact me if your willing and able to take part.

The season will run for 8 weeks, including a “double header” in the Wairarapa during school break. The fist round will be on the 7 August at Tawa. This will be open to all juniors from J grade to A grade. The players will be organised into closely matched pairs for their games. We are looking at Sunday Morning between 9am to 12pm (approx.).

This will follow the same format as last year, there will be no teams as such, but you’ll still be playing for your club and supporting/encouraging your club-mates. You can play as many or as few weeks as you like, but the more you play the better the chances of Kapiti winning the overall title and TROPHY!!!

A poster will be up in the club with more details on where and when.

To sign-up for entry on each of the selected dates, please contact me and I will forward the entrants to the organiser for that particular event. We will also like to support car-pooling to save on petrol costs and help with parents attending every week, this also fosters a good club/team spirit.

So e-mail me at to enter every week.