If you are a new member then thanks for joining Kapiti Squash Club! We hope that you will find squash, and being a part of our club, as enjoyable as we do. On this page you will find lots of information about joining in club activities, competitions you can enter, and ways you can keep in touch with what is going on. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a committee member.

Activities you can be involved in

Club Nights: Fridays from 6:30pm onwards. A club or committee member runs this. Play games with other members of any ability. Very social and members are more than happy to give advice and play nice for new people.

Ladies Nights: These come and go so keep an eye on the newsletter and the booking sheets. Chrissy Taylor is our Ladies Club Captain if you have any questions.

Junior Club Day: Mondays at 4.30pm. Three adult coaches teach each week. Free for junior members and $20 a term for non-members. An excellent way to get your children involved and meeting other club kids. Phil Ainsworth is our junior convenor.

Working Bees: At least one a year. A nice way to let the committee know you want to help around the place and are willing to contribute to our wonderful space.

Boot Camp: Will come and go at times during the year. Run by Robert, just watch the booking sheet and come along. First few sessions are free.

Join The Gym: Contact the committee to join. $100 a year.

Club Trips: Watch the whiteboard. Usually a couple of trips each year (doubles in Palmy, boys/girls trips). The best way to get to know the crew well!

Christmas Party: Prize giving and Christmas Party at the end of the year to celebrate our awesome efforts over the year. Lots of free food and entertainment.

Other ways to find someone to play

Membership List: The membership list is posted on the wall opposite the court bookings computer. Don’t be shy, give someone a call!

Wanting a Game: If you don’t have an opponent, just book a court and choose “wanting a game” – you never know who might contact you!

Get Involved: Book games when the courts are busy so you can get to know some regular faces.

Visitors: Bring a friend or two along; pay a visitor fee and you might end up converting someone you know.

Need help with your squash?

Club Coaches: There are a couple of coaches you can pay for lessons at the club. If you are interested contact the committee and we will arrange someone for you. The cost is $20 per session.

Training: Watch out for chances to join in training sessions. Often these will be booked out in red on the court booking system. They may be targeted at players of a certain grade, so if you are not sure then ask around to see if it will be suitable for you.

Support the club

Fundraisers: Vary from year to year. These will be advertised in various places. Great fun and a great way to show your support for our club and members.

Club Gear: Kapiti Squash Club Polo Shirts ($45) and Hoodies ($50) are available for sale from behind the bar – feel free to ask to have a look at them.

Become a Sponsor: If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact the committee. You can put your sign up on a wall above a court, or become a premier sponsor and advertise on a court tin.

Committee: Watch out for places becoming available at the AGM, each position is held for two years only, and then re-elected. Or express your interest in becoming a general committee member. We are always looking for people to offer their skills and time.


Kapiti Open: Our biggest annual club tournament. Open to players from all over NZ, we often get players of a very high caliber and enjoy some exciting squash.

Masters and Juniors Tournament: Another club tournament open to other clubs, but with an emphasis on players bringing their families, and enjoying a relaxed family atmosphere.

Business House: Enter a team of four from your business and play people of similar ability. A chance to try and entice some of your associates into the game. Cheaper membership deal offered to those who play. The kitchen and bar are always open for dinner and refreshments, and there’s often sport on the big TV.

Inner-club: Really social in-house competition where you are put into a team ranging from beginner to advanced. You play people at your own level. Free dinner, lots of drinks, lots of laughs and lots of competition and banter.

Interclub: Winter, Spring and Autumn competitions. For players wanting to be part of a team of similar ability. You have 1 game a week (home and away games) for about 6-10 weeks. Good chance to get to know people from other clubs and improve your game. No down side; win and get the glory, lose and the other player buys you a drink! You will need to be graded so contact Chris McKenzie (our Club Captain) for help with this.

Club Doubles: Social and Mixed draws. Dress up in costumes to spice things up. Awesome social day: lots of laughs and lots of prizes.

Tournaments: There’s always one on somewhere around Wellington. Enter through iSquash (if you need a login our club captain can help with this). Anyone can play. Kapiti is represented in most tournaments, so there are usually familiar faces there to support you.

Club Champs: For beginners to advanced players – all club members are eligible to enter and “have a go”. Also a great chance to watch top players. Always a great social evening to finish.

Wrinklies Competition: For club members 35 years and older, this is the Masters Club Champs, but is played in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Keeping up-to-date

Newsletter: Subscribe to our regular newsletter by filling in the form right here at the top of this page of this website.

Facebook: Click this link to visit our Facebook page.

Read the Website: New articles are posted regularly on this website.

Watch the Entrance Whiteboard: Directly ahead as you walk through the front door, the whiteboard often has reminders about things going on. “Sign up” sheets are usually placed beside it.

Read Committee Minutes: Located on noticeboard by the court bookings computer. Any questions contact Nicki Gibbs (secretary).

Squash Websites: Other squash sites you may find useful:

Enjoy your squash!